What are the graduate routes into teaching?

You will usually be required to do a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) course to gain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). This is usually done over 1year,  directly with a university or through a SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training). For secondary teaching the course you follow will be dependent on the subject of your degree.

You can also apply to Schools Direct which means that you will usually be placed in the school of your choice. You will still gain a PGCE, accredited by a University.

What are the undergraduate routes into teaching?

You can complete a BEd (Bachelor of Education), which can be a 3 or 4 years course. You can also do a BA/ BSc with QTS.

What are the school leaving qualifications required?

To teach at secondary level you will need to have a minimum C grade GCSE, or equivalent, in Maths and English.

To teach at primary level you will need to have a minimum C grade GCSE, or equivalent, in Maths, English and Science.

If you haven’t got the right level of GCSEs it is possible to obtain them through local colleges or distance learning.  Contact our Adviser Sheba Joseph on 0191 4338647 to discuss this.

Are my international qualifications recognised?

Universities are happy to recognise qualifications gained overseas but need to ensure that they are of an equivalent standard to those gained in the UK. The applicant needs to provide evidence of this. It is possible to do this through NARIC. See the www.naric.org.uk website for further details.

Do I need experience of working with children prior to applying?

Most universities do require you to have had some experience in schools and/or working with children prior to starting the course. It is possible to gain this experience once you have been offered a place (but before the course starts). However, it must be remembered that during an interview you will be asked about your interest in working with children. Any experience you have had will be reflected in your answers.

Please contact Sheba Joseph, the MERIT Adviser, if you would like to discuss this further.

How do I apply?

If you are applying for an undergraduate course you will need to apply through UCAS: https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/login

If you are applying for a PGCE you will still need to apply through UCAS: https://www.ucas.com/ucas/teacher-training

How many institutions can I apply to?

For undergraduate entry you can apply to 5 institutions through UCAS.

For post-graduate entry you can apply to 3 training programmes. This is the Apply 1 stage.

If you have been unsuccessful or withdrawn from the original 3 applications you can enter into the Apply 2 stage where you can make one choice at a time.

Check the website:



Can I get help with my personal statement?

Please contact our MERIT Adviser, Sheba Joseph, who will be happy to assist you with your personal statement.


Can my friends be referees?

It is preferable to not have a friend as a referee unless they can comment on your character and your potential to be a teacher.  You will need two referees and this could be a tutor from an academic course and an employer/ manager.


What is clearing/track?

If you have not received an offer from any of the institutions you have applied to, or if you have not made the grades required by your accepted institution, you can apply for any vacant courses. For undergraduate applications this can be done from the day the A-level results are published.

For postgraduate applications, if you have been unsuccessful or withdrawn from the original 3 applications you can enter into the Apply 2 stage where you can make one choice at a time.

What are Skills Tests

Before starting a course you will need to pass the skills tests in Maths (numeracy) and English (literacy).

Can I teach if I have a teaching qualification from abroad?

Yes. If your qualification is from an EU country you can apply for posts in a similar way to other English qualified teachers. However, if you having a teaching qualification from a non-EU country you can apply to work as an Overseas Trained Teacher for up to 4 years without QTS. You will need to apply directly to a school.

Where can I find further information?